Are you preparing to write the QAFP™ exam?
How can you ensure you are studying everything you need to know?
Can you calculate time value of money? 

Are there changes to the tax act?

We've got YOU Covered!

A successful candidate reported back to us that success on the Exam required:

  1. an extensive technical knowledge of many, many topics; but
  2. more importantly well-developed exam writing skills.

We have worked with candidates who have exceptional knowledge of financial planning but choke on the Exams. The most common error is failing to manage time, but there are many others. So, let us help you ensure that you have adequate technical knowledge but also the exam writing skills to get the marks you deserve.

1,000 Questions

Gobeil’s Collection of 1,000 Questions™ 

is the 1,100+ multiple-choice questions that have been used by over 20,000 candidates to prepare for the financial planning exams.

You will become familiar with the format of the questions. The concepts, definitions, calculations required to answer each question are included and the solutions explain why each answer is right or wrong.

This is the easiest way to review of all of the technical information required for success on this exam. You can be sure that you have updated your technical knowledge of the Income Tax Act and other legislation as the questions are up to date for the current year.

Multiple-Choice Case Studies

Gobeil's Financial Planning Case Studies™ 

includes 27 case studies and 270 multiple-choice questions with detailed solutions to help you successfully answer the case study questions on the QAFP™ Examination.

The case studies are 6 or 7 pages long including 2 pages of financial statements. To be successful, you must become familiar with the format of the case studies and questions. You will learn to avoid wasting time anticipating questions that are not asked and learn to focus on only the background information required to answer the questions. 

Financial Calculations for Financial Planner

Financial Calculations for the Financial Planner™

is a computer-based study aid that includes an e-Book and 100 practice questions to enable you to solve problems involving the time value of money, cash flow analysis, capital budgeting, and the measurement of investment risk.  

You must have the ability to solve problems involving the time value of money, capital budgeting and investment risks. You must also be able to use numerous formulas. Candidates have failed the Examination because they could not quickly and accurately answer these questions.


Gobeil's Exam Writing Techniques™

is a computer-based study aid that includes presentations on various techniques for writing the QAFP™ Examination, 110 technical questions and two case studies with 20 questions.

A series of lessons is interspersed with multiple-choice questions. For example, in one lesson, David will describe the nature of the combination question, you will answer ten such questions, the software will score your answers, David will explain the technique to use in answering combination questions, you will answer ten more such questions using the technique, the software will score your answers, and David will summarize the lesson.

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The Personal Financial Planner's Manual™ 

will guide you through current and up-to-date concepts, definitions and strategies required to address client’s needs with examples as to how they apply to client situations that you would find on the examinations. 

The Manual includes 67 chapters addressing the components of financial planning as defined in The CFP® Professional Competency Profile: financial planning practices, financial management, income tax planning, investment planning, education planning, risk management, retirement planning and estate planning. 

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The Works Complete Study Package includes:

Gobeil’s Collection of 1,000 Questions™

Gobeil's Financial Planning Case Studies™

Financial Calculations for the Financial Planner™

Gobeil's Exam Writing Techniques™ 

The Personal Financial Planner's Manual™




(a savings of 10%)

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The Essentials Study Package includes:

Gobeil’s Collection of 1,000 Questions™

Gobeil's Financial Planning Case Studies™



$45 to $195

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  • Gobeil and Associates

    “The case study backgrounds were each 6 or 7 pages long and the last two pages were the financial statements. In using your study aid, I learned to avoid wasting time anticipating questions that weren't asked and focus on only the background information required to answer the questions.

    It helps to be able to get the information out of the case study backgrounds. I took your advice and started the case studies first as it allowed me to take sufficient time to complete both case studies. I knew I would struggle if I left them to the last hour. Thanks for putting together a great study aids.”

    Successful QAFP Candidate

  • Gobeil and Associates

    “I relied entirely on the Personal Financial Planner's Manual as my study material during preparation for the CFP® Exam. I found the material very detailed, technically sound and insightful. Your preparation guide was particular helpful in focusing my study time.
    In my financial planning practice, I have made reference to the Manual on numerous occasions. I keep it on my credenza within arm's reach. The manner in which the material is presented is very applicable to everyday situations and I apply the concepts outlined with ease.”

    CFP®, PFP, Senior Financial Advisor | CIBC Imperial Service