Are you preparing to write the QAFP™ exam?
How can you ensure you are studying everything you need to know?
Can you calculate time value of money? 

Are there changes to the tax act?

What is Included in the Study Package?

The study packages for the  QAFP™ Examination include these products

The Collection of 1000 Questions ™

is the 1,100+ multiple-choice questions that have been used by over 20,000 candidates to prepare for the financial planning exams.

Case Studies

includes 27 case studies with 270 questions and detailed solutions to help you successfully answer the case study questions on the QAFP™  Examination. 

Financial Calculations 

is a computer-based study aid that includes an e-Book and 100 practice questions to enable you to solve problems involving the time value of money, etc.


will guide you through current and up-to-date concepts, definitions and strategies required to address client’s needs with examples as to how they apply to client situations.

Exam Writing Techniques

is a computer-based study aid that includes presentations on various techniques for writing the QAFP™ Examination, 110 technical questions and two case studies with 20 questions.

  • Gobeil and Associates

    “The case study backgrounds were each 6 or 7 pages long and the last two pages were the financial statements. In using your study aid, I learned to avoid wasting time anticipating questions that weren't asked and focus on only the background information required to answer the questions.

    It helps to be able to get the information out of the case study backgrounds. I took your advice and started the case studies first as it allowed me to take sufficient time to complete both case studies. I knew I would struggle if I left them to the last hour. Thanks for putting together a great study aids.”

    Successful QAFP Candidate