Gobeil's Exam Writing Techniques™ 

is a computer-based study aid that includes presentations on various techniques for writing the QAFP™ Examination, 110 technical questions and two case studies with 20 questions.

The Challenge

For many years, you have been successfully passing multiple-choice examinations or you would not be now writing the QAFP™ Examination. However, you are about to write a multiple-choice examination that only 75% of the candidates will pass. Despite your hundreds of hours of studying, you may fail because your exam writing techniques are not up to snuff.

David Gobeil has been teaching CFP® candidates how to pass the examination since the first exam in 1997. Candidates repeating the examination several times have passed after taking his courses. We have distilled these critical exam writing techniques to a self-study course that runs on your computer.

Gobeil's Exam Writing Techniques is a series of lessons that are interspersed with multiple-choice questions. For example, in one lesson, David will describe the nature of the combination question, you will answer ten such questions, the software will score your answers, David will explain the technique to use in answering combination questions, you will answer ten more such questions using the technique, the software will score your answers, and David will summarize the lesson.

You can choose the Windows PC or Apple MAC version of Gobeil's Exam Writing Techniques.

The Techniques address:

  • combination questions, which have alternatives and choices;
  • difficult questions, which exceed your knowledge;
  • calculation questions, which must be approached rigorously;
  • time value of money questions, which are so easy to get wrong; and
  • lengthy questions, which can waste your valuable time.

The Techniques also address:

  • analyzing the case study background, which includes irrelevant information;
  • analyzing the questions to determine what information is, and is not, required; 
  • dealing with the confusion of more than one case study on the one exam; and
  • dealing with time management to avoid leaving those last few questions unanswered.

Windows PC or Apple MAC Software

The Software will run on a PC running Windows 7, 8 or 10; or on a MAC running the latest version of OS X . You install the study aid on your computer. You do not connect to the internet while you are studying.


Gobeil's Exam Writing Techniques™ is a trademark of D. R. Gobeil & Associates Ltd.